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Combat Boots – CANFORGEN

If you are in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and are in need of the best combat boots available, Tactical Gear Experts has you covered.

With a broad range of boots that comply with the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Boot Funding Assistance Program, (Canforgen 135/20) they’ll not only protect your feet but will keep you performing at your best even on the most gruelling days on the job.

To ensure your combat boots conform to guidelines under the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Boot Funding Assistance Program, the following guidelines apply:

  • The preferred boot colour is brown, however black and tan are acceptable.
  • The boot must be designed to perform well in temperate conditions between +4oC and +35oC.
  • Boot height from the side of the combat boot measured from the inside of the boot must be a minimum of 15 cm to a maximum of 23 cm.
  • The boot must have a non-marking nitrile rubber outsole that is resistant to fuel, oil and acid.
  • Airforce specific requirement: Self- cleaning outsole
  • Airforce specific requirement: A speed lacing system with closed loops
  • Airforce specific requirement: No zippers allowed

Whether you’re in the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy, or the Royal Canadian Air Force, Tactical Gear Experts has combat boots to suit all areas of the Canadian Armed Forces.

See below for combat boots that comply with the CAF guidelines.


CAF Combat Boots



Tactical Gear Experts is a division of Unisync Corporation and one of the companies subsidiaries, Peerless Garments, has been producing the highest quality uniforms for the Canadian Armed Forces for over 50 years. Our relationship with the Department of Defence is longstanding and is built on the tradition of quality garments that meet the rigorous needs of our protectors, coupled with great service and on-time delivery.

Born from our passion for protecting those who protect us, we’ve developed a place that those who seek the highest quality tactical gear can come to acquire the very best tactical products from industry-leading brands.

Our mission is to serve those who serve us, with only the very best Tactical products with expert advice.



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On May 12, 2015 Unisync Group Limited acquired a 100% equity interest in Carleton Uniforms Inc. (“Carleton”). Based in Carleton Place, Ontario, Carleton is a full service provider specializing in work and dresswear for the Canadian Emergency (EMS) and Fires Rescue services sector throughout Canada.Carleton Uniforms has been supplying the Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Police and Security sectors in Canada for over twenty years.

Carleton Uniforms’ garment and tunic lines are Canada’s leading choice within these sectors.  These core product lines are supplemented by Carleton Uniforms’ extended offering of duty gear, footwear and other accessories to provide a full service offering for our clients who may order online or through our Mississauga Service Outlet location.

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