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Enjoying the wilderness with Tactical Gear Experts!

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After a week spent traversing the urban environment, there’s nothing better than loading up the truck and hitting the hills for some adventure. Those that live on the North American continent are blessed with some amazing landscapes, picturesque lakes & rivers and for those who hunt or fish, plenty of animals to harvest. Covid has forced us to explore a little more in our own backyard and we’re realising just how good we have it! 


The key to a successful weekend away is being prepared. Tactical Gear experts have an entire range of products for those that enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, brands such as 5.11 Tactical  who have gear that’s innovative and functional. Their designers take the time to engage the community for what “works” an

d then they integrate the feedback into each product they produce. 5.11 Tactical actually started its life as a rock climbing brand, with 5.11 being the hardest rating for a climb in Yosemite national park. The brand was then picked up by the FBI academy in Virginia and has developed into the leading Apparel, Bags & Accessories brand in the outdoor and tactical market. We’re really proud to partner with them & highly recommend you check out the wide range of 5.11Tactical gear we offer.

 If you’re loading up the truck, you can’t beat the range of cases from Pelican products. These cases are virtually indestructible, you have them for life,  can use them as seats or rudimentary tables too. But most importantly they keep your gear safe while in transit. Fully waterproof and designed for rough environments, these cases can’t be beaten.

One of the greatest features of Pelican cases is when you get home, you simply stack them in your garage & they’re ready to go for your next mission! 


Check out the Pelican 1620 for a robust case to house your camping gear! 

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After a long day hiking the hills you can’t beat a BBQ and what a better way to end that day than sitting around your campsite enjoying a steak and planning your next adventure. TGE community member Mike is pictured here with some of the latest bags from 5.11 which you can view here.  

We truly love the innovation that goes into the range of products we sell. Our gear is built to last while being truly functional, which means our customers gain true value, don’t experience equipment failures or need to replace their gear regularly.

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 We highly recommend you check out the Canadian National parks website for a full list of the 48 parks you can explore & for our friends South of the border you can see the full list of parks here.  


Heading into nature is good for the soul, a great way to decompress from digital technology and also great for living a healthy lifestyle so we recommend you give it a go! 


If you want to buy any of the gear you’ve seen here, we’re offering new TGE customers 20% off, simply enter the following promo-code in the check out section of our website: launch20