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Pendleton County Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunt: Part One

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With only three weeks to go until my White Tail Deer Hunting trip, I’m gearing up for what should be one of the best seasons on record!

We’re heading to Pendleton County, Kentucky, which is arguably one of the premier hunting regions in the country, and judging by the increase in deer numbers in recent years, we should easily bag our limit, with some big bucks spotted recently.

Mike Clarke Blog On Pendleton County Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunt

Pendleton County, KY, which is located about 30 miles south of Cincinnati, has been a place I have hunted for about 15 years and I make it a point to return each November to join my buddies in what I think is one of the best hunting experiences you can give yourself.

Aside from a great deer population, Kentucky in November is breathtaking.  But you need to be prepared.  One thing I’ve learned from my years of hunting (with some less-than-successful trips where the only thing we bring home is trench foot and possibly a fungal infection) is that you need to be armed with local knowledge and have the right gear for the mission.  Cold nights and mornings, and warm day temperatures require the right gear to ensure the elements don’t become the focus.

Thanks to my friends at Tactical Gear Experts I’ve planned ahead for any contingency. Wet weather swag, cold weather swag, the best kit to lug my gear, and hopefully that trophy buck I’ve been watching grow each year.


I’ve also upgraded my gun cases to high-quality Pelican cases, 5.11 travel bags, best Under Armour base layers, some great Gerber knives, some cool 5:11 outdoor clothing and outerwear jackets, and an awesome Otis Elite gun cleaning kit. The only thing missing now is a great set of antlers!

Mike Clarke Blog On Pendleton County Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunt

I welcome insight from anyone out there to help improve the hunt and I am also excited about sharing knowledge with anyone who has questions.

As I load up my truck and head east from Colorado, I’ll keep you up to date on how I am preparing for not just the hunt, but the journey to Ke

Pendleton County Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunt: Part One

ntucky and the gear that will help make the trip as seamless as possible.

Stay posted for some awesome pics once we hit the ground running from Nov 12-18th