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Epoch Tactical L3 Molded Light Bearing

$193.99 CAD
Brand: Blackhawk!

The new EPOCH Level 3 Light Bearing Tactical Holster includes BLACKHAWK!s proven drop-leg system and allows tactical operators to choose from many popular under-barrel lights while providing three levels of weapon retention. The patent-pending EPOCH retention system engages the pistols ejection port when holstered and wont let go until you release it. As an added safety measure, the Pivot Guard opens by thumb activation and is designed so it wont close accidentally and lock you out of the holster. This unique design accommodates popular under-barrel lights such as the TLR-1 and X300. Plus, the placement of the EPOCH Auto Lock release and an index finger indent reinforce a full master grip by allowing the shooter to draw the firearm with the index finger and thumb in proper alignment.;Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson M&P 45

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