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Model 123 Horizontal Magazine Pouch

$22.99 CAD
Brand: Safariland

The Model 123 is a very unique carry design. Simply wrap the hook and loop belt attachment around the belt and a spare magazine is ready and accessible. A hook and loop closure keeps the magazine in the pouch. The 123 is tough and lightweight, yet soft. The result is comfort, strength and total concealment. Magazine can be worn in either a horizontal or vertical carry. Also available for the popular Leatherman utility tool. Gun Fit- For Glock 17 Gun Fit- For Glock 19 Gun Fit- For Glock 22 Gun Fit- For Glock 23 Gun Fit- For Glock 26 Gun Fit- For Glock 27 Gun Fit- For Glock 34 Gun Fit- For Glock 35 Gun Fit- H&K P2000 Gun Fit- Ruger SR9 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P229 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer SP2340 Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson Sigma 9C Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson Sigma 40C Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson Sigma 9F Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson SW9V Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson SW40V Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson M&P 9C Gun Fit- Springfield XDM 40

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