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Model 7001 Hip Holster with Thumbsnap Closure

$46.99 CAD
Brand: Bianchi

This thumbsnap holster is suitable for outdoor and concealment applications. Its trilaminate construction of a closed-cell foam center, poly-knit inner lining and ballistic weave finish offers sturdy protection for the handgun. The belt slides through the Quick-Slide 1.75 in. (45 mm) belt loop. Gun Fit- Beretta 8000F Gun Fit- Beretta 8040F Gun Fit- Beretta 8045 Cougar Gun Fit- Beretta 8045 Mini Cougar Gun Fit- Glock 19 Dual Magazine Release Gun Fit- Glock 23 Dual Magazine Release Gun Fit- Glock 29SF Gun Fit- Glock 30SF Gun Fit- Glock 36 Gun Fit- H&K USP 40C Gun Fit- Kahr T40 Gun Fit- Ruger P95 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P225 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P228 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P229 Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P239 357 Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson 4566 Gun Fit- Springfield XD 9 Gun Fit- Springfield XD 40 Gun Fit- Springfield XD 45 Gun Fit- Taurus PT24/7

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