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Model 7304-SP6 7TS ALS/SLS UFA (Universal Flex Adapter) w/ Paddle & Single Strap Leg Shroud Tactical Holster

$300.99 CAD
Brand: Safariland

The Safariland Model 7304-SP6 7TS holster features the ALS Automatic Locking System and SLS Self Locking System rotating hood to protect against unintentional release or take-away, while the hood shield keeps the SLS from opening accidentally. The option of adding a Sentry Lock allows an even higher level of security. Built from structurally sound, non-abrasive SafariSeven nylon, the 7304 features raised internal stand-offs that create space between the firearm and housing, preventing dirt, sand, or water from creating a potential malfunction. The wide elastic single strap leg shroud allows the holster to be worn higher on the thigh and minimizes movement on the leg. The UFA (Universal Flex Adapter) with the 568BL Paddle attached allow for quick removal from the belt. Mounting holes on the leg shroud accept ELS, QLS and MLS systems for additional accessory carry. Gun Fit: Glock 17 Gun Fit: Glock 22

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