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Owb Quick Mount Straps

$37.09 CAD
Brand: Concealment , Raven

RCS is pleased to offer the original QMS (Quick Mount Straps). These loops are designed to carry our holsters and other carriers in the same position as our standard OWB loops. Rather than a stiff, rigid loop they are flexible and allow on/off use without unthreading your belt. We are using the same high tech overmolded Kevlar webbing as our IWB soft loops and the same mil-spec Pull-the-Dot snaps and stainless steel hardware. They are adjustable for 1.25 , 1.5 , and 1.75 belts. The loops mount to the center or third-down eyelet. Choose the hole in the loop that corresponds to your belt size. Lay the loop against the inside face of the holster with the female snap sockets facing you on the long tail pointing down. Install a post through the hole in the strap and secure it with a screw through the outside face of the holster. Next, mount a male snap on the top top eyelet on the inside face of the holster. The post will insert trough the outside face and mate with the screw through the center of the male snap. Now mount the other male snap on the outside face of the holster in the second eyelet in the same way. To mount them to your belt, start by releasing the buckle to give yourself some slack. Thread the front/lead QMS up behind the belt. Place the first female cap on the inside male snap and roll it up from the bottom to secure it. Now roll the rest of the QMS over the top corner and secure it to the male snap on the outside face of the holster. Now repeat with the rear/trail QMS, adjust the holster to the final position on the belt and tighten the belt. With practice, mounting and removing the holster is just a little slower than with traditional Paddle-type holsters, but there is no way the holster can come with the weapon when drawn or come off during a fight. The strap itself has a 500+ ft/lb. failure rating and extensive FoF testing has failed to cause the snaps to fail. Easy on, easy off, and just as secure and concealable as fixed belt loops. The best of both worlds. Please note that the Pull-the-Dot snaps are directional snaps and will only snap or unsnap when pushed/pulled in the correct direction. They can be very tight when you first recieve them. It is a good idea to snap and unsnap them by hand a few times before using them. If you have trouble unsnapping them, use a flat head screwdriver or similar tool. Place the blade between the male and female snaps on the outside of the loop (where the dot is on the cap). Twist and they will come apart easily. Sold in pairs.

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