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The Night Before the Hunt

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KY Whitetail rifle season

It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep.

My heart is racing, my mind is wandering, and my palms are sweaty.


It may be the hangover from the long drive to get here.  It may be the coyotes screaming at the nearly full moon outside the camp.  But I know it’s not that. It’s my nerves dancing on the eve of Opening Day of KY Whitetail rifle season, and it has a hold of me!

hunt gear

I made it to Falmouth, KY after an 18-hour drive from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  It’s a long haul but one thing is for sure; You do what you need to do to make Opening Day.

The Bluegrass State boasts old wooden barns drying harvested tobacco, thoroughbreds the size of automobiles, the finest whisky from neighboring Bourbon County, and of course, world-class Whitetail deer.

For this year’s hunt, I took a different approach.  Be as comfortable, efficient, and flexible as possible.  The days of lugging loose gear reminiscent of downed comforters wrapped around you while you try to maneuver have come to an end.  So, I connected with the team at Tacticalgearexperts to get the top hunting gear on the market.

Gear hunt

They asked the right questions, helped me explore options, and got me into the gear I needed to achieve my “comfort zone”.

I chose the Under Armour Brown Tine field jacket and pants, 5.11 hiking boots, killer base layer from 5.11, and awesome packs for all my field gear.  I also packed the Pelican gun case and my new gun cleaning kit from TGE. I had a chance to bow hunt the first evening and test the gear and scout the rut.  I was not disappointed by either.  I spotted a ton of deer and the gear kept me feeling lean and warm in near-freezing temps.

I highly recommend connecting with the Tactical Gear Experts team as I’ve never felt this level of comfort and warmth on a hunt.


Tomorrow is shaping up to be an epic Opening Day of gun season and my mind is in knots.

Come back next Tuesday for Part 3!